Botanical Lip Balm


A breakthrough optimizing lip formula, completely unique in that it offers healing aspects that aren’t just physical but also provide a true wellness-from-within experience. That’s why we created the first-of-its-kind lip balm infused with micro-mood boosters, a neuroscientifically proven scent science designed to enhance well-being, leading to brighter moods and happier lips. Infused with sustainably sourced shea butter and moringa oil, it smooths, moisturizes, and strengthens the lip barrier, offering up to 24 hours of lip comfort. We’re confident you’ll become a lip balm convert too!



A break-through optimizing lip formula. Our Mood Science Lip Balm stands out for its cutting-edge combination of science-backed mood-enhancing technology and premium, natural ingredients. Unlike traditional lip balms, it goes beyond basic hydration, providing a sensory experience that soothes both lips and mind


    • Backed by Mood Science Technology.​
    • Key ingredients: 100% natural-origin formula.
    • Powered by a lip barrier-strengthening technology that visibly shows improvement in inflammation, dryness, irritation, and dehydration.
    • Moisture lock offers up to 24H of lip comfort.
    • Pocket sized for easy, on-the-go application.
    • Lightweight, velvety texture, non-sticky.
    • Fully recycle, components made of 100% PCR.
    • Infused with caring ethically sourced ingredients, environmentally conscious packaging.
    • Cruelty-free, eco-conscious, anhydrous, and free from phthalates, parabens or SLS.
    • Made in USA.

LIP CONCERNS: Inflamed, cracked, dryness, dehydration, texture.
DIRECTIONS: Swipe on throughout the day to keep your lips and mood happy and health.

Clinical Results After 2 Days Of Use
103% increase in epidermis hydration
95% healing dry, scaly cracked lips
*In a clinical study included use of 7 complementary methods. Parameters studied.
Consumer 2 Day Results
100% agree lips were more hydrated
100% agree relieves dryness
100% agree lips were less chapped
*Self assessment after 2 days use in a clinical setting ages 22-70. Included: 2 methods, before-and-after photos.




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